Myokinesthetic System

Our Main Goal is to Help People Get Better

Helping patients achieve maximum movement with balances posture and eliminating pain.

How do you restore health?  As a physical therapist, you have a number of tools at your disposal to help patients correct and overcome pain and functional issues.

The MyoKinesthetic System is an easy-to-use soft tissue technique designed to affect the nervous system to quickly and efficiently eliminate chronic and acute symptoms.  There are no oils or creams, you don’t have to get undressed and it takes about 15 minutes.  Bottom line?  It gets results for patients.

The MyoKinesthetic System is completely unique.  It is unlike anything else on the market.  Quite simply, it is the power to heal people at the root of the problem.  With the MyoKinesthetic System, you don’t treat an area – you change the nervous system using Dr. Uriarte’s M.P.U.L.S.E. system of soft-tissue work.

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